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RifeMedic Quantum Radionics Resonator

Included in the price is a comprehensive user/instruction manual.  Radionics Imprinter Device can be supplied at extra cost.

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The RifeMedic Quantum Radionics Resonator is a Scientific Frequency Therapy Instrument. Frequency Therapy is a very successful alternative health therapy. In a typical application a person will hold a probe in each hand connected to the RifeMedic Resonator. A pre-programmed treatment is selected from a display. Specific very accurate frequency signals generated by the RifeMedic Quantum Radionics Resonator are applied to the person holding the probes. Frequencies are selected to resonate specific sized and shaped organisms in a persons body like viruses fungus bacteria flukes etc. in order to damage and destroy it. The RifeMedic Quantum Radionics Resonator is also used for many other purposes like for stimulating certain body processes accelerating healing clearing up infections breaking down chemicals breaking down heavy metals and detoxifying a persons body.

RifeMedic Quantum Radionics Resonators are pre-programmed with more than 1000 full treatments making it together with all its features the best and easiest to use instruments available. These instruments have been scientifically developed to generate extremely accurate and advanced signals in order to have the correct effect.

This product complies with Type BF Safety Requirements EC Directives 93/42/EEC.

TreatmentsMore than 1000

LCD Display 4 x 20 char.

Frequency Accuracy 0.0023 hz

Potential Frequencies500 000 000

Maximum Frequency1 200 000 hz

Signal Switching < 20 nSec

Power Supply 220V

Safety Type BF
Supplied with comprehensive Instruction Manual Treatment List also available RifeMedic Healing Radionics Device at extra charge.

The concept of Radionics can be researched from various books and internet web sites

In order to apply Quantum Radionics Resonance (HERD)program place a good quality photo Polaroid if possible of a persons face with a neutral background onto the HERD with the photograph facing upwards. Stick some hair without dye or chemicals of the specific person onto the back of the photograph. Run the program with the intensity setting on 80%

In Radionics it was discovered decades ago that when you treat the DNA of a person the person is affected by the treatment even when the person in hundreds or thousands of miles away.

The photograph of the persons face is the exact visually recognisable signature of the person containing the signatures evidence or information. The hair is the DNA containing a specific frequency of the DNA. The signature and DNA frequencies create the carrier wave and signal that is transmitted in the energy field provided by the instrument. The Instruments applied programme output signal is the modulation signal. The shape of the modulation signal is programmed into the carrier wave and all become the complete transmitted signal containing the properties of all the frequencies.

This is like a radio signal containing sound as the information and being transmitted. A radio whos internal local oscillator is tuned in onto the frequency of the radio signal will receive the signal. Once the signal is received due to the frequency of the carrier wave the carrier wave is filtered out and the remaining sound information is played over a speaker for the listener to hear.

The same happens with the quantum Radionics signal. It carries the frequency of the persons DNA. Only that person will receive that signal. The program information is carried over the persons body for the intended effect. 

Will a person feel anything No the signal is too weak but the effect after some time may become evident.

Can you apply Radionics at any time As with all modalities one should not apply programs during the night sleep cycles of the person because it may disturb the bodys different natural processes taking place during sleep.

Must a person be aware that a program is applied on him/her? Not necessary but out of respect you certainly should have permission from the person to do so.

How effective is Radionics Depending on many factors like the health state of the person the lifestyle quality of the person the ability of the persons body to heal the quality of the photograph DNA and the quality and accuracy of the instruments signals the effect should be good enough for the person to realise an effect after a few days. Radionics should be part of Holistic approach. If the burning fire is fuelled your cool vapour will not kill the flames. By turning off the fuel that accelerates the fire the relief and effect of the cool vapour will certainly be realised felt and appreciated.     

“Our appreciation to our agent David T Chambers http//www.naturesenergy.net and his many clients in England and Ireland who are extensively applying the RifeMedic as a Radionics device for its quality and the good effects they experience.”  RifeMedic       

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WARNING: The RifeMedic is not intended for the diagnosis of disease or a cure for a particular problem. Do not use the RifeMedic to replace medical treatment, if unsure always consult your Doctor or Health Care Provider should you have a problem.

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