Bio-Energy Plate

£18.00 £15.00


Bio-Energy Plate

£18.00 £15.00

Bio-Energy Plate 101mm x 101mm

The Bio-Energy Plates can help vitalize and regenerate by means of their bio-energy donating a field effect, while at the same time they can help neutralize any disturbing or detrimental field effects including any harmful polarization.

The effect of the Bio-Energy Plate goes even as far as to help regenerate permanently medications by putting them in a closed container and placing them on the Bio-Energy Plate.

Medications can lose part of their effect through storage and transportation in an area of electromagnetic field or other disturbing field.

The Bio-Energy Plates work without any other energy source such as batteries, but it is advisable to re-energise the plates by leaving them outside in the sun for 3 hours either side of mid-day about every 3 months.

Their function is always unlimited and uninterrupted and independent from the time of day.

How to use:

Bio-Energy Plates works for Remedies/ Medicines by placing a bottle or container on the Plate for a minimum of 20 minutes.

For food products and other liquids i.e. drinks etc. place a bottle or container on the Plate for a minimum of 20 minutes or longer for larger bottles or containers.

WARNING: The Bio-Energy Plate is not intended for the diagnosis of disease or a cure for a particular problem. Do not use the Bio-Energy Plate to replace medical treatment. Always consult a Doctor or your Health Care Professional should you have a problem.


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