Aqua Chi Water Module


Aqua Chi Water Module


The Aqua-Chi Hydro Stimulation System is a state-of-the-art bio-energy charger which raises health care to a new level. It energizes water the most abundant resource on earth with direct current DC to create an energy field which research has shown is bio-available to living things. 

Aqua Chi Patent Pending Module Design

Our exclusive Water Modules Biological Transceiver see bottom of page utilizes features that make them easy to use and simple to service. Our units just snap together using tough almost unbreakable components.

The process that uses Hydro Stimulation to help the body detox naturally.


The Aqua-chi Hydro Stimulation System re-balances and amplifies your bodys bioelectric field enabling the body to heal itself. It′s like recharging you bodys battery. A reason why people dont heal is because they run out of energy.

Water is the essence of life! Nothing on this planet can exist without this vital substance so doesn′t it make sense that water being the source of all life is also the carrier of this same life-force! The Aqua Chi uses water to transfer ENERGY!

Water has an almost perfect balance of positive and negative ions. The positively charged ions are hydrogen ions H+ and negatively charged ions are hydroxide ions OH-.

The AQUA-CHI System is based on a technology that has been available since 1996. Water is used as the Biological base and with the Water Module Biological Transceiver immersed in the water we can enjoy the Energy of a Natural Hot Spring Bath or Foot Bath.

The frequency from the Aqua-Chi Hydro Stimulation System enhances the ionic transfer on a cellular level in the whole body increasing the function ability of the organs maintaining health preventing dis-eases.

Modern day living exposes us human beings to an excess of pollutants and various toxins in the air we breathe the food we eat and the water we drink. Most of these toxins get deposited in the various cells in the body especially adipose fat tissues blood cells brain heart liver kidney and other tissues. Toxins get trapped in those cells and can cause serious malfunction of those cells tissues and organs leading to various symptoms such as fatigue headaches aging of the skin eczema pain in the muscles joints and the list goes on and on

The body eliminates the toxins physiologically mainly though the 5 major elimination channels Lungs Kidneys Liver Skin and Colon. The use of the Aqua-Chi Hydro Stimulation System has been proven with various lab tests including Live blood microscopy Volls method of screening and others that the function of the cells are stimulated and enhanced through the use of the Aqua-Chi Hydro Stimulation System.

Lipolysis is one of the mechanisms the body uses to get rid of adipose tissues by burning the fat in the body once the fat cell is destroyed the toxins are released collected by the blood and the lymphatic system and eliminated through the 5 major elimination organs the Aqua-Chi Hydro Stimulation System enhances lipolysis thus helping in releasing the toxins. Burning the fat under theskin and in the whole body helps the skin to breathe and look better. Enhancing Lipolysis will also aid in weight control. 

We believe the order of events in getting well first starts with the bodys bioelectric field the second is oxygenstudies have shown the Aqua-chi System improves oxygen levels and the third is nutrition and food. 

When there is an imbalance there is more likely to be dis-ease within the body. A balanced Bioelectric field is important as is a good level of Oxygen and Nutrients to enable the body dispose of waste products toxins in the normal way. Less Toxins equals a healthy body a healthy body has greater ability to heal naturally.

The AQUA-CHI Hydro Stimulation System is self contained and is used in an ordinary bath or foot bath and helps increase Body Energy Vitality Natural Healing Detoxifies and balances the Electrical body. We have seen very positive and encouraging results when the Aqua-Chi has been used in the treatment of Allergies Asthma Arthritis General Pains Heavy Metal Toxins Detoxification Rapid Healing Muscular injuries Menstrual Problems Menopausal Problems Headaches Toothaches Improved Concentration Increased Perception Improved Liver and Kidney Function Deeper Improved Sleep Reduced Fluid Retention Reduced Swelling Cramping Some Skin Conditions Helps Open Detoxification Pathways.

One of the most visual effects of the Aqua-Chi Hydro Stimulation System is the release of Toxins and Oils trapped in the dermal layers Skin after an Aqua-Chi bath treatment the skin has a very smooth feeling. When the electric body is balanced Detox Pathways are also more efficient. 

Water Module Biological Transceiver Sometimes called an Antenna because of its ability to transmit and receive a signal. The Module consists of a series of rings which is powered by a DC current power supply unit. The materials used to build the module are of precise dimensions and ratios every detail is crucial to the effectiveness of the field produced and the quality of the life force enhancement produced by the Aqua-Chi Hydro Stimulation System.

Aqua-Chi Book

Contents Preface Introduction Bio-Electricity Measuring Life ForceThe Vital Role of WaterThe Aqua-Chi Treatment notes on water color changesPerforming a Treatment PREFACEImagine a treatment where there are no pills no drugs and no pain. Imagine a treatment that uses an energy so natural it doesn′t cause side effects. Imagine a treatment that uses a living energy life force energy an energy described by the ancient Chinese as Chi. The knowledge of the treatment of Chi has been around since the beginning of medicine yet has never really been understood until more recent times. This treatment we have termed as Aqua-Chi. Aqua meaning water and Chi meaning living energy or life force. To date no life has been discovered that can exist without water. All life is dependent on water; so is it not plausible that water may be the source of all life by being the carrier of life force itself. Whether you want to view water as the carrier of life force or the source of the life force itself doesn′t really matter what is important is that all life is dependent on it and without it you would not be alive. The content of this booklet explores the mystery of life force from both eastern Chinese philosophy and western medicines point of view including the role of water and how it contains the spark of life.


For a long time the mysterious properties of water and ancient eastern philosophy based on the concepts of Chi have attracted the interest of researchers around the world. The eastern philosophy of Chi focused on the energy of life force of the human body while western medicine pursued breaking down the human body into its individual chemical components. The eastern philosophy is based on an understanding of how energy flows and interacts while western medicine is about chemicals and their interactions. If we combine the information gained by western medicines slice and dice mentality with eastern energy understanding we begin to form a new philosophy where we realize water and its energy properties become the focus of the source of life itself. The role of water and the energy that flows within it are the key to understanding medicine without drugs.

Many people believe in both the western and eastern ways of understanding health and the body. For many years the difference between the eastern and the western practices was that the eastern was about treating the body to prevent ill health occurring with western ways focused on repairing the body after the damage was done. Today things are a little different with a much larger emphasis on prevention in western medicine however popping pills to fix things has become popping pills to prevent things. It doesn′t have to be this way. The answer is right in front of you water and the energy that flows within it.The eastern word for this energy is Chi while the western world now refers to the energy in the body as bioelectricity. Water and its bio-electric Chi properties are very important to your health. Understanding a little about water and the energy it contains is going to go a long way when it come to looking after yourself. Don′t doubt that water has therapeutic properties it has been known for centuries. Since ancient times people have bathed in mineral springs and particularly hot springs because of the therapeutic value for arthritis rheumatism skin disorders and many other ailments. Many of these springs have become resorts and health spa′s.

Some of the more famous ones are Bath in Avon England Saratoga Springs in New York USA and Wiesbaden in Germany. Mineral water as a drink has increased in popularity since the mid seventies and large quantities of bottled mineral waters are exported from different sources all over the world. The spa has remained as a medical therapy and continues to be considered as a place of healing for a variety of purposes. Drinking water for therapeutic benefit reached a high in the 19th century only to be surpassed in modern times but hot springs have continued to be considered as places of healing throughout all times all around the world. The founding of Bath in England is in legend attributed to Bladud the son of Lud Hudibras and father of King Lear who in 863BC was cured of disease by bathing in the steaming swamps. Roman colonists developed a considerable spa there. After the Romans departed the baths were neglected; but many churches were built throughout Europe on these ancient places of healing and the cures were attributed to bathing in the springs beneath them.

Some Roman baths were rebuilt in the early 18th century with many new watering locations established. Spas became popular centers for the upper classes during that time. For the ill spas provided treatment under differing medical supervision. The spa therapies were based on drinking and bathing in the waters containing properties of medicinal value. Most mineral springs contain noticeable amounts of salts like sulfate of lime carbonate common salt sulfur and iron. Many trace minerals are also usually found in medicinal waters. In addition to solids gases in considerable quantities are also found in these waters. The waters will generally have a very noticeable effervescence to them.

The spas of greatest popularity throughout Europe and the United States have been those with thermal properties. Bathing in warm water has an undisputed therapeutic effect. Drinking mineral spring waters provides a washing out of the digestive system and some of the alkaline waters act as purging agents. The highly carbonated salt springs at Saratoga New York have long been used for rheumatic and neuralgic conditions. Japan also has several thousand hot springs many of which have been converted into public baths and spas. Water in Western Medicine in modern times is used as the medium for the application or reduction of heat. Wet heat is used to help relieve pain and improve circulation and can promote relaxation; while wet cold decreases body temperature causing a reduction in blood vessels and reducing blood flow. It is generally used to help prevent and reduce swelling in strains bruises and sprains.

So because certain waters can have undoubtedly therapeutic effects why is it Many researchers have to tried to duplicate the properties of these natural waters by adding minerals to distilled water in an attempt to make them chemically the same. Successfully replicating the therapeutic properties has proven more difficult than they had anticipated. Something is always missing which is where chi bio-energy bio-electricity effervescence life force or whatever you wish to call it comes into the equation. To understand these properties of water we need to look at the philosophy of chi energy.The history of Chi is much older than Western Medicine and as far back as 2690 BC the study of chi was a Chinese natural science that was called Tao- the way of nature.

The Chinese practitioners studied what they called the Yin and the Yang and believed them to be opposite forces in nature and the universe. There was also light and shadow positive and negative fire and water hard and soft summer and winter autumn and spring and metal and wood. Yin was described as a force which produces expansion and Yang was considered a force that makes things contract. To the human system Yin was cooling and Yang was warming. Yin and Yang combined together in balance to produce equalization translating into health for living creatures. Chi energy or life force is said to circulate freely through the human body when it is healthy but becomes blocked in an unhealthy body by stress causing illness and blockages in the meridians and chakras.

The ancient Chinese strived to learn how to generate conserve and channel Chi for health and longevity. It was the element water that motivated the early practitioners to form their understanding of Tai-Chi meaning the river of energy that unites the Yin and Yang into a dance to flow into the sea of energy. It is very possible that ancient philosophy could teach us more about science than science could teach us period. Yin was considered to be the female principle and was represented by the earth; while Yang was the male principle represented by the heavens. The forces of Yin and Yang act in the human body as they do throughout the universe. It is believed that an imbalance of these two forces can cause disease and disharmony in the human body.

The Chinese goal was to restore the balance of Yin and Yang in the body to regain health and balance. The imbalance of Yin and Yang is believed to result in an obstruction of the life force or Chi in the body. The fundamental energy of Chi is said to flow through 12 meridians or pathways in the body each associated with an internal organ and a functional body system. The Ancient Chinese felt that it was of great importance there was a balance of energy inside and outside the body. This idea was expressed using the concept of Yin and Yang which considered all things are amalgams of opposites. Such balance of these two opposites were seen to be constantly fluctuating being complementary and independent of each other.

The primary channels of energy are located on the midline of the human body running from top to bottom and up the spinal column. The Chinese saw this area as the main distribution network within the body which regulates the flow of both Yin and Yang. The Yin-Yang is also used to described the energetic relationship between the inner and the outer body. The regulatory activity is mediated by the system of meridians carrying the Chi energy to the different parts of the body. It is said to flow from within and circulate near the surface. This means the internal condition of the body can influence the outer areas and actions on the outer areas can affect the regulation of the inside. These effects can be both beneficial or detrimental.

The Chinese were also very fond of using water as a metaphor for Chi with the Chinese character for meridian describing them as communicating and water running underground with points being described like eddies swirls and vortices in the current. Both the points and the channels can be found in the spaces in the muscles and connective tissue of the body. It is surprising to see such a similarity between such an ancient philosophy and current Western medicine. Such similarities are seen when comparing some of the more recent medical discoveries like the relationship of the health of the body to the body′s energy level which can now be measured.

There is no longer any doubt that when the Chi or energy of the body becomes low the body becomes unhealthy. This applies throughout the whole body right down to a cellular level. Medical researchers are now telling us that when the energy level of a cell falls too low it becomes unhealthy and can even become cancerous. So the Chi level in that part of the body would be considered as out of balance and would need to be restored to regain health. We also know that an internal problem can appear as a symptom on the outside of the body. Just as interestingly enough the symbol of Yin Yang is unique in its deliberate design. It is often symbolized as representing the concept of opposites and the balance between them.

Another interpretation could be that it represents the nature and structure of the universe including the way energy flows. Other ancient civilizations had similar ideas about the nature of the universe. Certain forms of Hinduism and Tantric Buddhism had the concept of the chakra which can also be spelled cakra and in Sanskrit one of the more ancient languages means wheel; and anynumber of psychic centers of the body. This was prominent in their physiological practices. The chakras are thought of as focal points where psychic forces and bodily functions merge and interact with each other. These points were considered as the subtle energy centers. A chakra is also considered as a wheel of energy that can be awakened causing it to start vibrating. There are supposed 88000 chakras in the human body with 7 major ones running roughly along the spinal cord with another one located just above the crown of the skull.

Look at the Yin-Yang symbol again. Would you not draw a chakra like this The two the dots would represent the focal points with the wavy line signifying the interaction of the two focal points from the center outwards. The concept of a life force energy has been strong throughout many civilizations and even though their definitions of life force don′t lend themselves to science from a practical point of view they do give us a direction in which to go to try and learn more about it.


Although the mystery of life force or Chi has eluded science for centuries advancements in technology have allowed us to develop instruments capable of measuring very small amounts of electricity or energy.

Because of the development of instruments we can now begin to start to understand how the energy in our bodies interacts. While nobody can really be sure if we are actually looking at life force energy itself the measurements and readings we can take do correspond to the energy levels of both our bodies and our health. This science is the study of bio-electricity in the human body. Bio-electricity is present in all living things and can be measured. It is measured in millivolts and ranges from one to a few hundred millivolts. Some creatures have incredible ability when it comes to producing bioelectricity. The electric eel for example can produce up to 1000 volts with a current up to one ampere. That′s a whole lot of Chi! Electrical effects originating in the active cells of the heart and brain are commonly monitored and analyzed.

Bio-electricity and the electricity we use for our lights and our appliances are different. The electricity we use in our homes is believed to be the flow of electrons where bioelectricity is said to be the flow of ions. It sounds complicated but it′s not really. An easy way of understanding what science means by an ion is simple. Since the human body is not made of copper wires and is alive we should not make comparisons to the type of electricity we are most familiar with. An electrical ion is very different. There are also different types of ions but the concept of each type is the same. Ions are very very small and it is their electrical charge that determines their nature.

The simplest way to understand an ion is to imagine a very tiny droplet of water. If the droplet of water contained a lot of electricity that is it had a high electrical charge it is said to be ionized. The reverse is also true for if the droplet contained a severe lack of electrical energy it would be considered as depleted. This difference between the states of the droplet is currently viewed as positive and negative. The droplet with the high energy charge would be called a negative ion and the droplet that lacked energy would be called a positive ion. If the droplet was in a balanced state and there was no net energy either way; it would not be considered an ion. That′s enough about ions for the moment.

The body is a big reservoir of fluids that can be charged and discharged just like a battery except the body is a storehouse of bioelectricity. All of the bodies systems are dependent on the bio-energy flowing through them. Our state of health depends on how our systems are functioning. So the state of our energy system corresponds directly to the state of our health. Low energy- poor health correct energy-good health. The same principle and process applies to all life and everything that is alive has bio-electricity including water. Yes water contains bio-electricity and should be considered as something that is alive. Remember life gives life and the vital role of water is covered later.


The measurement of life force Chi or bio-electricity has evolved over the years based on a variety of techniques. Dozens of devices machines and instruments have appeared on the market using either direct electrical measurement or some form of measurement of magnetic fields which are the signature of bio-electrical activity. Hospitals all over the world now utilize a technology called MRI magnetic resonance imaging for diagnosis of the human body. These imaging systems look at the tiny magnetic fields that are produced by the presence of electrical activity. Other types of technology available to the practitioner measure voltages on the skin in different locations on the body which are used for the purpose of diagnosis. It is not really necessary to have all this expensive equipment to observe the energy in a living thing. A simple multi- meter capable of measuring millivolts will do the job well enough to understand the principle of how this energy changes with health. When we use a multi-meter to measure the energy level of a living thing it′s a lot like measuring the energy level of a battery.

When there is no energy left in the battery it is said to be dead. When the energy level of a living thing drops too low it becomes dead as well. Finding a volunteer to die so we could take electrical measurements to illustrate this point was impossible. It seemed no one was prepared volunteer so we had to resort to the use of a plant. A plant is a living thing and its life force responds in the same manner as does the life force in you or I. If you have suitable multi-meter you can do this test yourself home. Here′s what we did! We removed a leaf from potted plant placed it on a table and connected it up to a multi-meter to show us the voltage in the leaf. The leaf chosen after being removed from the plant gave us a reading of 0.068 volts on our multi-meter.

The leaf remained connected to the multi-meter7 and was left on the table for a week. Over that period the voltage showing on the multi-meter got lower and lower and the more the leaf withered the lower the reading became. We could see that the leaf was dying and the meter readings confirmed this. As the life of the leaf drained away the voltage readings went down. We did this test again with a new leaf from the plant. This time we wanted to see if we could give the leaf some extra energy and whether that energy would keep the leaf alive.

We treated the leaf using the Aqua-Chi treatment. When the leaf was treated the results were amazing. We found that we could actually measure the amount of energy being given to the leaf from the Aqua-Chi treatment. Here are the results from the first Aqua-Chi treatment of the leaf. Voltage in the leaf before treatment – 0.073 Voltage in the leaf during the treatment – 0.141 Voltage in the leaf 1/ hour after treatment – 0.101 The results indicated that we actually increased the energy level of the leaf but did this mean we increased the life force of the leaf.

We continued the treatment every couple of days for 3 weeks to observe what would happen to the leaf. To our surprise the leaf did not wither and die even after 3 weeks. It remained green and from with the voltage readings still above 0.050. We should mention that the leaf was not kept in water but was just left sitting on the table dry. So it seems the Aqua-Chi treatment does deliver measurable energy to a living thing.Even though this can be done the energy we have given to the living thing seems unimportant in comparison to the vital role water plays in the delivery of the energy.

This increase in energy effect has also been measured by practitioners in people so understanding the role of water is very important.


The vital role water plays in its contribution to life is paramount by anyone′s standards. Water is not one of the amazing substances on earth it is the most amazing substance of all. Its properties and structure as the foundation of all life surpass everything man has conceived so far. It is so little understood in comparison to its importance to life itself. Water is also the most plentiful substance on earth with the existence of life being equal to its availability. Science describes water as a colorless tasteless and odorless liquid at room temperature but such a description is only fit for a lifeless substance such as stagnant distilled water. Water in its natural form should be considered as alive.

One of the most damaging processes of the twentieth century has been the invention of reverse osmosis. This is the process of squeezing water through tiny holes in a membrane to filter it. This process has an adverse affect in that it also squeezes the life out of the water. To give you an idea of how refined this process has become the techniques now used can remove so much from the water that if you were to drink it you would die. This is because it is no longer water but a poisonous liquid. Water needs to be viewed as a living thing and only then can we begin to understand what it really is and how it affects life. For this very reason we would never use distilled water or water that has been treated by reverse osmosis for an aqua-chi treatment.

People who consume large amounts of distilled or reverse osmosis water run the risk of becoming anemic and low on energy because the damaged water will take your energy in an effort to try to reanimate itself. There′s a big difference between dead water and living water. If you were feeling low on energy and you were to jump into an unpolluted mountain stream you would feel refreshed because the mountain stream would give you some of its energy. Jumping into a pool of stagnant or dead water is not going to be refreshing. So the most important thing about water is how alive it is. The health of the water you consume and bathe in is going to eventually reflect your health. So how can we tell if water is healthy and contains enough energy Because water is so alive and active when it is healthy we can measure it the same way we measured the leaf. All we need is our multi-meter capable of measuring millivolts. In fact water is so active that it can produce voltages up to 4 or 5 volts instead of a fraction of a volt. To measure this simply place the probes of the multi-meter into a glass of water.

If the water is healthy and alive the voltage reading on the multi-meter is going to be fluctuating and changing. If you do the same test to distilled or reverse osmosis water there is not going to be anywhere near the voltage or fluctuations if any at all. This can be taken as confirmation of the lifelines of the water. In such a test unpolluted mountain stream water is always going to perform best. The reason for this is that the mountain stream water is very energetic and busy. It contains a lot of energy gathered from the environment it is flowing through.

Getting back to the fluctuations and changes in the electrical activity of the water we can make some very interesting comparisons between something alive and water. If we monitor the glass of water for an hour or so we find some very surprising results. The picture we get by plotting the results into a graph looks very much like a heartbeat.What we find if we monitor this heartbeat over a longer period of time like a day for example is that it changes. It has active periods and rest periods just like you do during the normal course of your day. The water also responds to stimulation just like you do. If we pick up the glass of water and shake it its activity increases for a period of time before returning to normal. When you go for a run your heart rate and the activity in your body goes up. When water runs or moves the same thing happens. If we get a glass of water from the tap where the water has been running through the pipes it is much more active than a glass of water that has been sitting on a table for an hour or so.

You should not find any of this surprising because remember you are made of water so why wouldn′t water and you have so much in common We used the example of jumping into a mountain stream earlier where the stream would give up some of it′s energy helping you to feel refreshed. A little more about this process needs to be explained. Life force as an energy form has to follow the same universal laws as does any other form of energy. The flow of life force is subject to such laws and complies. For life force to flow from one living thing to another a set of conditions apply. These conditions relate to the giver and receiver of the life force. It is the general health of the giver and the receiver that determines the exchange. The sick cannot heal the sick. Let′s look at the basic law of energy flow first. If we were to connect two batteries together so that the energy could flow between them the law says that the energy will flow from the battery with the most energy to the battery with the least until both batteries have the same energy.In theory this works and the rule is fine but in reality there are a number of conditions that have to be met if the energy is to flow following the rule. If one of the batteries is damaged the flow to the battery is going to be limited.

The same principle of energy flow between the batteries can be applied to your body. If your body was damaged it may not accept the energy. Everyone′s potential energy or life force level is different and in healing this becomes critical. Most people are not operating at their maximum possible level. Water plays a vital role when it comes to your body′s energy potential not disregarding other health complications due to lack of water which is called dehydration. The more dehydrated you are the harder it is for your body to operate correctly including your energy systems. If water is-the carrier of life force how can we expect our body to function if we do not give it enough water The flow of energy through water is the same as it is through the battery and your body.

If water is damaged then the energy will not flow properly and it can become difficult to recharge. Polluting water also reduces its life force ability. If it becomes polluted enough it will eventually die as would any other living thing. Life force Energy flows from the water to the flower. So where does the life force or energy come from in the first place Would you believe the water actually creates it We′ll explain why we believe this to be the case.We′re sure that water is the key to life for without it there would be no life. Experiments show us that by stimulating water it produces energy. We can place a living thing in this energy in the water and the living thing can take some of this energy and use it to enhance it′s own life. So water produces the energy needed for life and we live in that sea.

We need it we drink it we even breathe it because the atmosphere contains water. For anyone who has doubts about the power of water to give life think about a seed a dry lifeless seed. Is it alive or is it dead If we connect our instruments to the seed no activity giving any indication that is alive is detected but if we add water a wondrous miracle begins to take place. With the addition of the water the seed begins to swell taking in the water. The seed becomes frantic with energy so much energy it even produces heat. Suddenly life comes into existence and the seed begins to grow as a life form bursting with life force a life force we can measure where there was none before. Don′t be fooled by lesser scientific descriptions of water being just the chemical cocktail described as H20 because its NOT its much much more.


As we have been leading up to the Aqua-Chi treatment involves both water and energy. This is how we derived the term Aqua-Chi Aqua meaning water and Chi meaning energy or life force. The body has both a physical component and an energy component. The Aqua-Chi treatment acts on the energy component which in turn effects the physical. The treatment utilizes water because water can carry and transfer the life force energy we need on a daily basis.

When we are low on energy the Aqua-Chi treatment can assist the body by giving it a useable energy boost. The Aqua-Chi treatment is dependent on two parts I. An electrical input to stimulate the water II. The water that is used.The electrical stimulus causes the water to become excited and produce the energy that your body absorbs and uses providing we use a reasonable quality water. Remember we don′t use distilled water or water that has been processed by reverse osmosis.

The effect of stimulating the water to produce energy starts the moment the stimulus is turned on. Because the water is where the energy is the person seeking the treatment enters the water. Whether it be their whole body or just a part of their body the energy will flow from the water to the body. Their are many methods you could use to give yourself an Aqua-Chi treatment. Jumping into a mountain stream would be considered a form of Aqua-Chi treatment. Unfortunately most people don′t have a mountain stream where they can readily treat themselves.

This is why we use the electrical stimulus as the effect can be created on demand and where we need it. Everyone has access to water so all you need is something to get the water excited. There are a number of things that affect the outcome of an Aqua-Chi treatment. We have already stressed the importance of having a reasonable quality of water that is water that still has some life in it. Another important part of the Aqua-Chi treatment is the person that is being treated themselves. The current general health of the individual effects how much energy can be absorbed when taking an Aqua-Chi treatment. Because everyone is different each person will absorb a different amount of energy during treatment.

Everyone′s general health is going to be somewhere between the range of very poor to very good. We discussed earlier that your health is linked to your energy ability. The better your general health the more energy you have and can hold. Remember the damaged battery is not going to receive and hold a very good energy level.The easiest way to view your general health and energy level is shown in the next illustration. General Health and EnergyIf your energy level was down to around 30 you′re probably not very healthy and your body systems wouldn′t be functioning too well. In today′s world not too many people would be achieving the 80 level either. Most people are going to be some where in between.

The effect this has on the Aqua-Chi treatment is that the lower your general health percentage the less energy you are going to be able to absorb and utilize during a treatment. There is good news however when you gain even a little bit of energy from a treatment your body can begin to repair itself so the next time you will be able to receive a little more. This process is not magical even though the effects can sometimes seem that way.We have also discussed how important the water is that we use in the Aqua-Chi treatment but what about the water in you It′s what you′re mostly made o Are you getting enough The average person today does not drink enough water. You should drinking about 2.5 liters per day on average under normal conditions. When we talk about drinking water we mean drinking water not sodas not coffee not tea and not fruit juices just plain old fashion water.

All the above liquids do not count as part of your water intake. Even your current medical doctor is recommending that you drink more water particularly when you are dieting and before you eat meals. Drinking before eating helps the digestive system. Drinking lots of water over a period of time is going to hydrate the body correctly so you can start to build your energy level back up to its proper potential. The correct daily intake of water is a very important part of the Aqua-Chi treatment. For the Aqua-Chi treatment to work at its best the body should be correctly hydrated. You will also probably need to increase your salt intake as well your doctor or practitioner will be able to advise you about how much.It is important you understand that the Aqua-Chi treatment is about water and energy. If your body is not hydrated then you don′t have the proper balance of water in your body.

When you drink water and it gets absorbed into your body the water becomes like an electrolyte solution. The major part of your blood the river of life that flows through you is salty water. So correct hydration helps to ensure that the energy is going to flow to all parts of your body properly. Once again we use the example of a battery if it needs topping up because it is only half full what′s the point in trying to charge it without the correct electrolyte level and how effective is it going to be anyway If your body runs out of water you run out of life. So having the correct amount of water inside your body is just as important as the water used on the outside for the Aqua-Chi treatment. Remember water is the creator and carrier of the Chi and the Chi flows through the water.

The two go hand in hand and so even if you can have access to more Chi what is it going to flow through and where are you going to put it. So prior to commencing an Aqua-Chi treatment program you should have a daily intake of 2-3 liters of water. In some cases just drinking the water can better you health. With a properly hydrated body there′s a much better chance of getting the full potential from an Aqua-Chi treatment. An Aqua-Chi treatment can be performed in many ways. You can use the treatment on individual parts of the body like a foot or both feet a hand or both hands elbows or forearms. You can also apply the Aqua-Chi treatment to the whole body. You can even make your own Aqua-Chi drink. Because Aqua-Chi is the use of very energetic water it is very versatile with many ways of using it.

There are also two different methods of Aqua-Chi treatment. The active method and the non-active or passive method. The difference between the two methods is whether the treatment stimulus that is placed in the water to cause the water to be excited is left on during treatment or whether the water was pre-excited and you do not use any water stimulation after you have finished exciting the water. So in the active method the water continues to be stimulated while in the passive method the stimulus is not present.

Both the active and the passive methods are used for different reasons and purposes. The active method is used for individual purposes only. You only treat one person at a time and you never use the already treated water twice. When the water is stimulated it produces energy life force and the wonderful thing is that the energy the water produces has aspecific pattern. The pattern is the heartbeat we discussed earlier. This pattern or heartbeat is consistent with the particular water you are stimulating at the time. We discussed our experiments with a living leaf earlier and explained how energy from the water flows to the leaf what we haven′t mentioned yet was how the water changes when we place something into it. In the case of the leaf when placed in the water the water changed its heartbeat. The pattern of the water became different. It was as if the pattern of the water and the pattern of the leaf merged to form the one living pattern.

If we stimulate the water while the leaf is in it the Chi effect the water produces has the living heartbeat of the leaf. The energy pattern most suitable to the leaf is of course its own so the flow of Chi can take place without conflict. Everyone′s energy heartbeat is different so active Aqua-Chi treatment is best used on only one person at a time. The passive Aqua-Chi treatment however is more versatile. This is where the water is pre-excited and when the water is used there is no active stimulation.

The water in this instance is stimulated by itself without anything added to it just the water. This energizes the water with it′s own heartbeat or pattern. This pattern is suitable for use on everybody including plants and animals.This treatment method is also suitable for making small amounts of water that can be drunk; however you only need to drink about one glass a day. Drinking more than one glass a day should not be done. Other applications such as pouring the water over the wound for example can be done throughout the day on a regular basis. You can even soak bandages in the water and apply them to an injury site. The energized water is also good for watering plants and allowing the family pet to drink a small amount each day can be good for them.

When active the water contains a lot of energy so it′s more than happy to give some of it up. A living thing can then take this energy and use it. During active treatment the Aqua-Chi also affects the water in seemingly strange ways. Just as Aqua-Chi affects different people in different ways; the water too seems to be in different ways. One of the visual things that the water does in some circumstances during treatment is change color; it tends to become different colors when treating different people.

There are a number of reasons why this occurs. Just as each individual is different so is all water. Most water contains some small amounts of solids in solution. That is small particles that you can′t see that are clinging to the tiny droplets inside the water.When the water becomes excited it ejects these tiny particles and they become visually observable in the water. This will tend to make the water look dirty brown. Of course just how dirty the water becomes is related to how much sediment is in the actual water. When you test a bucket of water to see this principle how dirty it actually becomes will generally be the same each time you use a new bucket of water from the same source.

If you were to run this test over and over again but with a different person′s feet in the water each time what happens to the water can be amazingly different. Sometimes the water will be dirtier and sometimes cleaner. Without taking the individual whose feet are in the water into account; the whole color change seems completely random. But of course it′s not. Only after a lot of observation do you begin to see what you already knew right from the start. It′s the health of the person that plays the vital role in conjunction with the water. We have covered the flow of living energy in relation to the health of the person and the quality of the water so have you worked out what′s going on yet In this instance let′s say you are using the same quality water for each Aqua-Chi treatment so we can understand what′s happening in the water a little easier.

The quality of the water we use also contains a little sediment so when we test it in a bucket it turns brown as opposed to light brown or dark brown; so it′s about midway in browns when it comes to color change. If you were performing Aqua-Chi treatments it is always a good thing to test a bucket of water to see what color it may go as a reference to help understand the color after a treatment.Because everybody′s ability to absorb energy is different the reaction of the water is also going to be different. Remember good health – better energy ability poor health – not so good energy-wise. It is this factor that the water reacts to. Don′t forget that the water is also wanting to keep some energy for itself it desires energy just as much as you do.

This means the energy created by the water is going to have to be shared by both you and the water. If you are in reasonable shape you′re going to be able to get your fair share of energy but if you′re not so good you′re only going to be able to absorb the amount your body can handle with the rest being kept by the water. This is where the battery principle once again comes into the equation. When you′re battery is damaged you can only absorb a small amount of energy. In this case the water gets to keep the energy for itself.

The water can then use this energy to dislodge the sediment and clean itself. So people with poor health tend to have a water color after treatment that would be a dark brown. We also notice that if the person continued with the Aqua-Chi treatment that the water would become a lighter color as treatments progressed. On the other hand if we treat a healthy person with the Aqua-Chi treatment the water may only change to a very light brown because the healthy person can absorb their fair share of the energy produced by the water. In the end it comes down to a balancing act between the water and the person taking into account how much energy the person can absorb and how much energy the water needs to dislodge its impurities.

Of course this is a simple explanation of the energy exchange. It can get a little more complicated because it also depends on how much energy your water quality can produce it depends on whether your battery is damaged or just low. All these factors affect what happens during the treatment. To get an exact answer in each case instruments are required to measure both the person and the water.


While the color changes in the water can be dramatic it is not the most important factor and one must be careful about making any judgment′s based only on the water color. Some waters do not change color and it is not always an indicator of whether energy is being produced The best indicator that may be found in the water after a treatment would be an oily substance located on the container at water level. It generally contains materials released from the outer layers of the skin. Another indicator after treatment can be found in the color change in the urine of the individual treated. Body function is increased which results in the darker coloring of the urine.

A darker coloring of urine can also be seen after eating because the body is processing waste materials after a treatment even though no food has been consumed the extra energy seems to activate waste product or toxin removal evident by it presence in the urine.


using the Aqua-Chi treatment process is simplicity itself It′s even easier than finding and bathing in a mountain stream. It′s also faster and more convenient than searching out that therapeutic watering hole. The Aqua-Chi treatment is not like some of the more rigorous treatment programs where large amounts of your time are taken up receiving the treatment. The Aqua-Chi treatment only requires about 30 minutes of your time every two days. Setting up to receive the treatment and cleaning up afterwards takes less than 10 minutes. The Aqua-Chi treatment is not painful and is generally found to be relaxing while in progress. 

Remember it′s just water so there are no nasty side effects by participating in an Aqua-Chi treatment. The two most popular ways of taking an Aqua-Chi treatment are full body bathing and bathing the feet in a footbath. Both treatments take about 30 minutes plus set up time and utilize the active method of treatment. The full body bath and the footbath are both effective ways of receiving an Aqua-Chi treatment. With the full body bathing the energy is absorbed all over the different areas of the body while in the footbath the energy enters through the feet and lower legs and travels through the body to other areas. While both are considered as a general treatment choosing one over the other can be beneficial in certain circumstances. 

Some people choose a treatment based on convenience for example if you didn′t have a bathtub then the footbath is going to be the treatment of your choice. Others elect the footbath treatment because of their busy lives; the footbath can be taken while you are sitting down working or maybe relaxing watching television. The footbath is also great for the elderly who may not be able to climb in and out of a bath tub. If you want to make your decision based on which way is going to be best for you based on your health needs the following should be helpful to you. Full body bathing For general health this is always the best option because the energy is directly available to all parts of the body that are submerged in the water. 

The advantage of this is that if you did have any Chi blockages the energy is more available to the rest of the body past the blockage because it is in the water. Direct contact of the skin with the water is also beneficial and helps to have a cleansing effect in the area of contact. Foreign material such as dirt trapped in the outer layers of the skin generally comes out during treatment and is often seen in the water afterwards. Full body bathing will help hydrate the skin after all it is the largest organ of the body and should be looked after as best as possible. 

Treatment for areas of the torso and neck are best done with full body bathing. Footbath In certain circumstances for problems with the legs ankles and feet the treatment method that should be tried first would be the footbath. Using the footbath makes the energy entry point the feet with the energy then traveling up through the legs giving the feet ankles and legs first access to the energy. The energy not utilized by the lower part of the body will then travel to the other parts of the body. 

The same applies to problems with the arms elbows and hands; try to make the problem area the entry point for the energy. Morning or Evening The time of day an Aqua-Chi treatment is performed can be relevant to the individual. Because the energizing effect is generally relaxing some people may prefer to have a treatment in the morning while others may prefer the evening. Morning and evening treatments effect different people in different ways. Being energized can be a little like eating a meal because after a meal some people feel like resting while others feel energetic and are unable to rest. 

For the same reason some people shower in the morning while others prefer to shower before going to bed in the evening. The best way to find out what suits you is to try an Aqua-Chi treatment in the morning and the next time try one in the evening to see which suits you the most. If you take a treatment before going to bed in the evening and find you can not sleep you would be suited to morning treatments. If you find you sleep really well you should stay with the evening treatment. No matter how you choose to use the Aqua-Chi treatment the benefits of a natural energizing process are a wonderful feeling. Its all up to the individual to find out how the Aqua-Chi treatment is going to effect them and what benefits they are going to experience. 

Try an Aqua-Chi treatment and discover the feeling!

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