Satin Sterling Silver White Gold Tab Shield

Satin Sterling Silver White Gold Tab Shield

Made of Sterling Silver with 14k White Gold Tabs Satin Finish. The gold tabs increase your ability to deal with other people’s energy.

This Satin Silver with White Gold Tab is a favorite Shield of tens of thousands of wearers because the extra strengthening and protection is so noticeable to wearers 14k Gold Tabs effectively spreads out the energy that is being generated by the crystal matrix. The placement of the five Gold Tabs is critical in performing this expansion of the energy. Many people wonder why adding gold increases the energy protection and balancing. Gold is the best conductor of the energy that is created by the crystal matrix inside the Shield. Thus, by adding 5 gold tabs, more energy is conducted through the metal – SUBSTANTIALLY increasing the protection and balancing of your energy. Benefits:

•Very Strongly Protects your brain and body from radiation from cell phones, computers, wireless networks, etc.

•Deflects unhealthy negative energy including negative emotional energy from situations or people to the point where you feel extremely detached and calm

•Balances your energy (including your chakras)

•Sharpens your mental skills, including focus and concentration

•Boosts your immune system

•Lowers your stress by deflecting any unhealthy energies that deplete your physical and emotional reserve

This popular Shield doubles as a beautiful piece of jewellery with a purpose giving you approximately 15 – 20% more balancing and strengthening than with the Standard Silver and Brass Tab Shield. This Shield is highly recommended for individuals who feel they are sensitive and want the added Balance and Protection.


  To order online direct from The BioElectric Shield company click on the following link:  as your order will be despatched from U.S.A there will be VAT and Customs charges to be paid on delivery or if delivered by FedEx you will receive an Invoice from FedEx some weeks after delivery.


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Satin White Gold Tabs

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