Polished White Gold Tab Shield

Polished White Gold Tab Shield

This shield is the same as the yellow Gold tab only with the subtle difference of White Gold Tabs.

The 14k Gold Tabs effectively spreads out the energy that is being generated by the crystal matrix. The placement of the five Gold Tabs is critical in performing this expansion of the energy.

By doing this you get approximately 15 – 20% more balancing and strengthening than with the Standard Silver and Brass Tab Shield. This Shield is highly recommended for individuals who feel they are sensitive and want the added Balance and Protection.


 To order online direct from The BioElectric Shield company click on the following link:  http://www.bioelectricshield.com/naturesenergy  as your order will be despatched from U.S.A there will be VAT and Customs charges to be paid on delivery or if delivered by FedEx you will receive an Invoice from FedEx some weeks after delivery.