Polished 14k White Gold & Diamond

Polished 14k White Gold & Diamond

As with the yellow gold this White Gold shield is fitted with a beautiful cut Diamond which offers the ultimate protection to the wearer. See yellow Gold & Diamond for full details.


The Gold with Diamond accomplish ALL the same things as a gold shield PLUS they add different energy qualities. The Diamond Shield clarifies your thinking (all your energy passes through the diamond) so that you know “who you are” – what you came here to do, and what to do from moment to moment.

The Diamond Shield assists in a very deep and subtle way and gives us a clearer focus and understanding of what is important to us.


  To order online direct from The BioElectric Shield company click on the following link:  http://www.bioelectricshield.com/naturesenergy  as your order will be despatched from U.S.A there will be VAT and Customs charges to be paid on delivery or if delivered by FedEx you will receive an Invoice from FedEx some weeks after delivery.