Gold Heart Shape Shield Polished

Gold Heart Shape Shield Polished

Ultimate Protection

Our all gold Shields offer the most outstanding protection and balancing available. The heart Shield was created for people who want to facilitate heart opening, or just enjoy the delicate size and elegant look of this Shield.

When you strive for high performance or life demands a lot of you, then simply put, you will want to go for the gold. The gold offers a finer, stronger translation of the crystal matrix. The wearer enjoys exponentially more protection, balancing and strengthening than the standard Shield.

Many people wearing an all-gold Shield notice a wonderful opening, strengthening and balancing in the heart chakra. We recommend it to anyone who can make this investment. The return to the wearer is immense and immeasurable.

If you work on a computer or carry a cell phone, you are exposing yourself to large amounts of EMF, electromagnetic radiation. For a shield that offers the ultimate impersonal EMF protection, the all natural 14K Gold BioElectric Shields are unsurpassed. They shield you from all energy negativity – from people, all electromagnetic devices (portable or cell phones, remote controls, etc.), or negative situations.


  • Strongest Energy Support- protection, strengthening and balancing of energy at a 99.99% level.
  • Very Strongly Protects your brain and body from radiation from cell phones, computers, wireless networks, etc.
  • Deflects unhealthy negative energy including negative emotional
    energy from situations or people. You will find you can just step back and observe the negativity without being swept up in it.
  • Many people wearing an all-gold Shield notice a wonderful opening, strengthening and balancing in the heart chakra.
  • Balances your energy (including your chakras) – you will enjoy the smooth, happy feeling that comes with this level of balance
  • Sharpens your mental skills, including focus and concentration – helps you come up with new ideas and easier ways of doing things
  • Boosts your immune system – enjoy greater resistance to “what is going around”. Heal faster.
  • Tremendously lowers your stress by deflecting any unhealthy energies that deplete your physical and emotional reserves.


  To order online direct from The BioElectric Shield company click on the following link:  as your order will be despatched from U.S.A there will be VAT and Customs charges to be paid on delivery or if delivered by FedEx you will receive an Invoice from FedEx some weeks after delivery.