High Strength Magnetic Pads

Mag Pad 1



Place in the area of your bed for neck shoulders lower back hips legs or feet

Deep penetrating magnetic field wherever and whenever you need it


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  • The 5 x 1000 gauss magnets in each pad will put a penetrative field 13cm 5 inches into any area. Extra pads available separately
  • Use in your bed or directly onto your body!
  • For best results place under top sheet 8 cm 3 inches apart
  • For most people a single pad is sufficient in any given area
  • Each pad puts a magnetic field 13 cm 5 inches from the surface and 5 cm 2 inches around the edge.
  • A pad under your pillow will help with sleep as well as problems with neck and shoulders.
  • Tuck into your clothing for effective relief wherever you are.
  • One or two in your pets bed or blanket will help them too.

When a magnet is place over a main blood supply the blood which passes through at about 40mph will react this due to the presence of iron hemoglobin which is the oxygen carrier to every cell in the body. By agitating the red blood cells in the wrist the blood on its return to lungs 3 seconds has been shown to alter the spin state of iron atom and so helps the blood cell absorb oxygen more efficiently this is then delivered to the brain and then around the whole body feeding a more efficient supply of oxygen together with food and nutrients into every single cell. From the heart and lungs the blood will be pumped to the feet and back in approximately 40 seconds.

The improvement in the exchange of oxygen food and nutrients with carbon dioxide toxins and other waste will neutralize any chemical imbalance all over the body and create the right condition for the body to heal itself naturally.

As with conventional treatments other factors come into play with regard to the general health of the person seeking help. Some of these are general health other illnesses cause diet smoking habits sleep patterns stress hormonal and water consumption. If these conditions are not corrected then the body will take longer to recover and as the cause is difficult to identify it is the symptom that is often treated. So practical advice is always given which in the case of drinking more or enough water on a daily basis is always suggested. This will help the body detoxify and prevent dehydration especially in the first 3 to 4 days.


There is now a huge amount of proven scientific research to substantiate the claim that magnetic field therapy can accelerate our natural healing process, as well as counteract the effects of electro-magnetic pollution. In the overview of BIO-Magnetic Therapeutics Dr Hachman states magnets stimulate the body to heal itself. Magnetism is a wholly natural event. It merely allows the body cells to exist at their best level. 

The suggestions for use are the common uses of these products and for information purposes only. We make no medical claims about these products. The only claim we make about our Magnetic products is that they are used by millions worldwide. 

In the case of a person wearing a pacemaker then it is advisable that a magnetic therapy product is not worn or for that matter with any condition where drugs are used to control heart rate the same with pregnancy. Metal implants are not a problem as Titanium is now more commonly used or stainless steel and both are none magnetic. 

I strongly urge all customers to visit their own doctor or physician if they feel unwell. 
In fact, I feel that regular check ups are always advisable. If in doubt always seek further advice from your Doctor.

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