BioElectric Shield

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The Bioelectric Shield is available from David T Chambers (previously known as Nature’s Energy) the Approved and Largest Importer and Distributor of the BioElectric Shield since 1997.  
Tel: 01793 878637 or 07808 633649 email

This remarkable Crystal pendant, BioElectric Shield which is Hand Crafted from Sterling Silver and 14k Gold contains a unique configuration of living Crystals that resonate with you, change and grow with you, protecting, balancing and strengthening your natural energy field. Included in this unique formulation of Crystals is Quartz crystal, which has the property of regular oscillation and pulsing. It is this property that Quartz movement watches use to keep precise time. The protective and healing powers of crystals are recognised by both Eastern Medicine and Western Science, for centuries crystals have been used from ancient Samaria to Egypt. They are known to have properties that relate to the natural energy centres of the body. As you wear the BioElectric Shield it connects to your energy sources and creates a force field around your body to protect you. Not only does this crystal force field deflect harmful electromagnetic energies coming from your Computer Screens, Mobile Phones, Microwaves, Hair Dryers and other electronic equipment it also deflects any personal energy that is incompatible with you. The Shield resonates at your personal frequency after wearing it for 24 hours, it will act as a “Gatekeeper” letting in only energies that are compatible with you and deflecting those not compatible with you. Imagine an energy cushion between you and the not so pleasant aspects of high technology stress, and even stressed out people around you?

Wearers of the Shield have given testament to the Shield’s strengthening and calming qualities in such statements as “I am less stressed, Life is more enjoyable, I am more focused, My energy is more balanced, I have a sense of well-being, My sense of humour has returned”. The BioElectric Shield is owned by many eminent people from all walks of life including: Computer Operators, Directors, Nurses, Vets, Doctors, Therapists, Homeopaths, Farmers, Mobile Phone Users, Accountants, Solicitors, Musicians, Pilots, Drivers, Telephone Engineers, Secretaries, Housewives, Teachers, Scientists, Surgeons, Engineers, Students, Sportspersons etc. Since 1990 the BioElectric Shield Company has been Hand Crafting this unique product in Montana. The Bioelectric Shield is available from David T Chambers (previously known as Nature’s Energy) the Approved and Largest Importer and Distributor of the BioElectric Shield since 1997. Should you have any questions, after reading this information feel free to E-mail me or call 01793 878637 to discuss your needs and I will ensure you get the Shield best suited to your circumstances. Chain not included available separately.

Tranquility and Good Health have no price, Order your BioElectric Shield today.


When ordered from Natures Energy  the price includes duties, fees and postage, from date of order allow approx. 7 working days for delivery, for more information or to order by telephone call 01793 878637 or 07808 633649, email  

To order online direct from The BioElectric Shield company click on the following link:  as your order will be despatched from U.S.A there will be VAT and Customs charges to be paid on delivery or if delivered by FedEx you will receive an Invoice from FedEx some weeks after delivery.