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David T Chambers promoting Natural Health on a Global scale.

Natural Health Shields, offering a NEW dimension in personal well-being. Make the World we Live and Work in a Better Place. The Bioelectric Shield is available from David T Chambers (previously known as Nature’s Energy) the Approved and Largest Importer and Distributor of the BioElectric Shield since 1997.

I aim is to give all customers old and new a first class personal service and supply them with the product best suited to their individual needs. I have satisfied customers in over 30 countries. Nature’s Energy (Swindon) is owned by David T Chambers a caring individual promoting Natural Health on a Global scale.

My aim is to supply products that are environmentally friendly, not using chemicals or animal tested. I also aim to make people aware of the invisible energy drains all around us in today’s High Technology and Toxic society that we live and work in and provide products to make the world we live in a better place.

Any products supplied or added to the range in the future will be complementary to existing products and to the company name (Nature’s Energy). Since 1997 I have personally worn a BioElectric Shield which is Hand Crafted by Jewellers in Montana.

Only natural materials are used in the crafting of these Shields, Silver, Gold, Brass, Crystals and Diamonds. I am pleased to able to offer the BioElectric Shield which when you wear will help Restore, Balance and Strengthen your natural energy, shielding you from Electromagnetic Stress and the negative energies around you. It no surprise that Shield customers are more peaceful, balanced, well adjusted and get the experience of life in the forest whilst being in the midst of a city or busy place of work. As Shield wearers we can be more balanced and bring this balance and well being to the world around us. Order your BioElectric Shield today and enjoy the priceless gift of Stress Free Energy!!!! Health Shields. BioElectric Shield, medically proven, Restore, Balance and Strengthen your natural energy field.

Colloidal Silver. Nature’s Super Antibiotic is by all accounts the most powerful antibiotic available, it is a safe, non-toxic, non-accumulative substance. Research indicates that Colloidal Silver is used orally for treatment of virtually anything that ails you. Available in a convenient 100ml Spray or in 250ml bottles. Contact me for details of the product best suited to your individual needs.

The Bio-Energy Plates can help vitalize and regenerate by means of their bio-energy donating a field effect, while at the same time they can help neutralize any disturbing or detrimental field effects including any harmful polarization.

The effect of the Bio-Energy Plate goes even as far as to help regenerate permanently medications by putting them in a closed container and placing them on the Bio-Energy Plate.

Medications can lose part of their effect through storage and transportation in an area of electromagnetic field or other disturbing field.

The Bio-Energy Plates work without any other energy source such as batteries, but it is advisable to re-energise the plates by leaving them outside in the sun for 3 hours either side of mid-day about every 3 months.

Their function is always unlimited and uninterrupted and independent from the time of day.

How to use:

Bio-Energy Plates works for Remedies/ Medicines by placing a bottle or container on the Plate for a minimum of 20 minutes.

For food products and other liquids i.e. drinks etc. place a bottle or container on the Plate for a minimum of 20 minutes or longer for larger bottles or containers.

WARNING: The Bio-Energy Plate is not intended for the diagnosis of disease or a cure for a particular problem. Do not use the Bio-Energy Plate to replace medical treatment. Always consult a Doctor or your Health Care Professional should you have a problem.

Approved Aqua-Chi and RifeMedic distributor and service agent for the UK & Ireland

PRICES AND PRODUCT SUPPLY Whilst I make every effort to keep prices competitive, due to exchange rate fluctuations or changes in the price of Gold or Silver, increases in Customs & Excise Duties, VAT Rate changes, or Postal/Delivery charges it may be necessary to change prices or levy a small surcharge. Should this arise you will be made aware when placing your order. Price and availability of products or services may change without notice. The information in this web site is in the copyright of Nature’s Energy. It must not be reproduced for any purpose without written permission. I HAVE PUT TOGETHER A UNIQUE RANGE OF PRODUCTS, HARNESSING THE ENERGY OF NATURE WITH TECHNOLOGY TO IMPROVE YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE.

WARNING: None of the products are intended for the diagnosis of disease or a cure for a particular problem. These products will not work against any other product or any medical treatment being taken. Do not use our products to replace medical treatment, always consult your Doctor or your Health Care Provider should you have a problem. I AM ALWAYS PLEASED TO HEAR FROM CUSTOMERS WITH COMMENTS ON PRODUCTS OR SERVICE. Tel: 01793 878637 or 07808 633649 Email chambersdtc@gmail.com