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Nature’s Energy (Swindon) promoting Natural Health on a Global scale.

Natural Health Shields, offering a NEW dimension in personal well-being.

Make the World we Live and Work in a Better Place. The BioElectric Shield is available from David T Chambers (previously known as Nature’s Energy) the Approved and Largest Importer and Distributor of the BioElectric Shield since 1997.

I aim to give all our customers old and new a first class personal service and supply them with the product best suited to their individual needs. I have satisfied customers in over 30 countries.

Nature’s Energy (Swindon) is owned by David T Chambers a caring individual promoting Natural Health on a Global scale. My aim is to supply products that are environmentally friendly, not using chemicals or animal tested. I also aim to make people aware of the invisible energy drains all around us in today’s High Technology and Toxic society that we live and work in and provide products to make the world we live in a better place.

“I want to advise you that I am NOT a licensed medical practitioner and am prohibited by law from diagnosing or prescribing anything. I am happy to talk with you and to give general information that might be helpful to you. My information is for educational purposes only. No statement should be taken as medical advice. Always consult your Doctor or Health Care Provider who can address your specific circumstances”

WARNING: None of the products are intended for the diagnosis of disease or a cure for a particular problem. The products will not work against any other product or any medical treatment being taken. Do not use the products to replace medical treatment, if unsure always consult your Doctor or Health Care Provider should you have a problem.